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Fast Learn - LMS

FLLMS enables you to create a private learning space online full of engaging activities and material. You will always have full control of all your data and the way your staff, students and clients are on-boarded into the system.

  • Digitization of School.
  • eLearning.
  • Collaborative Learning.
  • School ERP.
  • Learn on the GO with Mobile Apps.
  • One solution for Schools, Colleges and Private Institutes.
  • Principal Dashboard

    Centeralized control panel for principal. Once place to manage and track whole school. Principal can manage all modules from their dashboard and track various activities of school.

  • Student have dedicated dashboard where they can see whats upcoming in course and classes. Can see all events happening around. Discuss with their friends in school forum and learn collaboratively.

  • Teaching is not easy but we can atleast make it less complicated. Teachers will have dedicated dashboard to control and see what they are doing and what needs to be done further. One place to manage all their classes, schedules and exams for the students. Auto results of exams will make life simpler by reducing time to check and verify copies.

  • Track activities of your child with web or mobile app. Push notifications for student absense from class and eagle eye on their performance.

  • Manage your staff from a single panel. Add/Edit their details on the go. A teacher can create courses, live classes, lessons, exams and much more.

  • One control panel to manage all the students. You can manage their classes, section and all other details. Based on your selection students will see their dashboards and classes.

  • Live Classes

    Create live classes on the go or schedule a class. Features like ontime and recurring classes helps you plan for 1 month in advance.

  • With pre recorded courses you can record your video course and share with students or can share any course from other social channels like Youtube and Vimeo. A course can hold multiple lessons and you can track student progress based on how many lessons he/she has completed.

  • It's easy to schedule online exams as a teacher and simultaniously easy to attempt the exams as students. With multiple choice exams you can evalute student progress and focus on the things that matters the most.

  • Schedule your classes and assign teachers for a their classes. The say way you create your time table on paper at the moment you can do the same via FLLMS.

  • Every class has a syllabus and every class that teacher takes cover a part of that syllabus. With FLLMS you can easily create/assign syllabus to a class which will be visible to all students and you can see how much syllabus has been completed and what's pending.

  • Discussion forum open within and outside of school to discuss and learn. Our team will reach out to you for technical queries.

  • Dedicated support and ticketing channel helps you to connect with us anytime. You can log your tickets and we will connect with you best availablity basis and will work the problem out with you.

  • 5 hours of dedicated teacher training is inclusive in the package that you buy with unlimited access to how to videos tailered for your teachers to adopt the plateform with ease.

  • Dedicated mobile apps for Teachers/Principal. Cross device compaitable cloud based web application.

  • Dedicated mobile apps for Students. Cross device compaitable cloud based web application.

  • Dedicated mobile apps for Teachers. Cross device compaitable cloud based web application.

  • Dedicated mobile apps for Students. Cross device compaitable cloud based web application.

  • Students are able to perform self assesment and will get the results as soon as they finish any exam.

  • Complete tracking of student activity, which courses, lessons, exams they have completed till now.

  • Easy navigation for both web and mobile application. Key links are available on finger tips.

  • 500 GB of free cloud storage for you data/per school registered with us.

  • Extra security on live classes with student and teacher login. Dedicated account for each user on your school with abuse tracking with cloud based monitoring.

  • FLLMS system provides faster performance comparing with other systems using cloud native technologies which are out of the box available for you.

  • Our fault taulerent system has 95.99% availablity in business hours. Scheduled manintenance are always in out of business hours so that you are not impacted with enhancements.

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